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Why Belle Fever Jewellery is Different from Others?

You wanted to buy your very own personalised jewellery, something that would last longer and would be fit for your preference? Of course! Before buying something, we always want to know if it is worth it or suits our style and needs. 

We always make sure that the quality of what we are buying is the best, especially if we buy jewellery for ourselves and our loved ones. We wanted to have the highest quality that we could get for its price. 

Second, we wanted to make sure that using this will not cause us any skin allergies. I remember my friend used to say she doesn't wear "Silver" jewellery as it makes her develop rashes or itches. That is not just but nitpicky, but it's true as I have found out that many people were suffering from this kind of allergy. Lucky for me, my skin is not that sensitive, though! 

Out of curiosity, I started researching this. I later discovered that this kind of allergy is called "contact dermatitis", or much known as "nickel allergy". A popular source like "nickel" causes typically this type of skin allergy, which we can find mostly in jewellery. From then on, I had to keep in mind to ensure that the jewellery I would create would be free from this material. 

Back in the days, I have known for a fact that the pieces of jewellery that contain the least amount of nickel are authentic "Gold" jewellery. Then it comes to my mind that not all people can afford to buy such. So what I did was to find and research an alternative kind of material that we can use to create our personalised jewellery line.

After many months of trialling and testing, we developed our superior silver material. This material features the durability of Titanium but is easier to cut into custom jewellery and is "nickel-free". We call it Monel silver.

Moneil Silver, if I must say, is not a typical silver commonly used in other personalised jewellery. We created this mixture of metal in-house and exclusively used it on all of our Belle Fever Jewelleries. It is a material similar to that of Titanium. It is as strong and as solid with a rhodium white gold hue. It is hypoallergenic as it doesn't have nickel and the best part is that it does not tarnish even if you wear it while in the shower.  

Our gold and rose gold jewellery are also unique. The gold or rose gold is infused into the Monel silver rather than plated. Infused gold is a far superior method to gold plating, as it won't rub off and lose its good looks over time. Plus, infused gold and rose gold pieces are durable and safe to wear all the time – in the shower, exercising or even in swimming pools.

Now that I have shown you what makes us more uniques from other personalised jewellery shops our there. Are you excited to create your first personalised design? You can head to our shop here and use the code FIRST15 during the check out to avail our 15% OFF on your first purchase with us. It will be an honour for us to create something special for you and your loved ones and to be part of these special moments in your life. 😊

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Australia's Most High Rated Personalised Jewellery - 100% Love it! Guarantee
Australia's Most High Rated Personalised Jewellery - 100% Love it! Guarantee


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